Real Testimonials

  • The Carl - SoulSeason
    We had the great fortune to meet Renee and Jay at one of our shows in our home state North Carolina. That's right, they actually drove all the way from their home in Florida to another state to attend a show that had us on the bill. Apart from being nice and laid back, this couple has a true passion for music, especially for struggling local bands trying to promote their original work. Jay and Renee are not in it for the money or any other motive, just totally invested in the music and the bands. Their passion and drive, support and friendly attitude is such a boon for us and all the other bands that they are connected to. I can't wait to find out what the future holds, with them on our side.
  • Transylvania Radio
    I am very satisfied with Renee Onyx and the crew at OA Radio! They aired my tunes for the first time and made me feel thunderstruck!
  • Chris - SoulSeason
    Renee and Jay are a power couple for the music industry. From the first conversation they've been nothing but supportive, helpful, and true believers in the power of music. They go above the call of duty to ensure support and exposure for us and any other band they work with. They drove three states to see us perform simply because they believe in music. They are a breath of fresh air in this ruthless industry and I for one am forever grateful.
  • Jaben - The Out of Body Experience
    Lady Z is the most wonderful radio host I've had the pleasure of coming into contact with. She interviewed my band over the phone and came prepared with great questions. She is extremely caring and supporting of the local music scene, which seems rare these days. On top of that, her taste in music is awesome! Every song I've heard her play is a great song. If you are contacted about getting your music played, you should feel honored! She also gives great advice on her show, which is always good to hear. Last, I'm VERY impressed by her marketing skills. She seems to know what she's doing online. I hope more people listen to OA Radio because the world needs to know about it!
  • Aaron - Atma Weapon
    Renee Onyx is nothing short of amazing to work with. Not only is she easy on the eyes, she's very professional and talented at her craft. I have to say that when we contacted her about working together she didn't hesitate at all and jumped right on setting up some airplay for us. It's definitely refreshing to work with someone who wants to bring new music to the masses by any means that they can and for the RIGHT reasons. She genuinely cares about the music she supports. Thank you for all you do and for giving bands the honest ear.
  • Rusted Soul
    Rusted Soul loves working with Renee Onyx and OA Radio. Quality team of talented folks!
  • Scrawb
    I'm a 100% independent artist working, recording and putting out my own form of metal since early 2000, in a small backwoods rock/metal free town in southern Ireland. Without Renee Onyx and the crew, it would be much much less, they work tirelessly, supporting, helping, sharing and promoting all original rock and metal bands all day, everyday without asking for a single thing in return unlike many other stations and crews locally and internationally in this pay to play day and age. The Onyx Alley crew are a total breath of fresh air for any new striving artist or band trying to get their sounds out there as well as any hungry listener alike seeking something fresh new and different. With people like the Onyx Alley crew there would a gaping hole in today's modern underground scene which is where it all comes from, where it all begins, without the Onyx Alley crew the future of underground rock sounds would be in a much more negative place and it is always a great pleasure to share a small piece of what I've got to offer with these brilliant hard working people....not to mention the fact that they make a damn cute couple I proudly raise a glass and thank my stars that I have met the OA Radio crew.
  • Ian - And It Must Occur
    Lady Z from The OA Radio and the Onyx Alley Radio Show is not only very professional and courteous but has become a close personal friend of our band. She makes every effort to help raise awareness of local music and get us in front of different audiences that may not hear our music otherwise. She does exactly what she says she'll do and doesn't play any games. She takes our music just as seriously as we do. We will always work with her while she's apart of the music business.
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