Renee Onyx aka Lady Z

Jay Onyx aka King HaZe

Founder / CEO

Renee Onyx aka Lady Z is the genius behind Onyx Alley. It started as a dream as a young child with an insatiable appetite for great music. She always wanted to be on radio and on television and when the opportunity presented itself to be a Radio Personality and DJ, she ran with it. Once the show was off the ground she was able to pursue her true passion of assisting new unsigned and underground bands. She works nonstop to bring you all the great music featured on the Onyx Alley Radio Show and all the things related to music and helping others.

Co-Manager/ COO

Jay Onyx aka King HaZe is the husband of the beautiful Lady Z .  He works relentlessly to network and promote with numerous bands of various rock styles to help diversify and change the face of mainstream music. He has a genuine passion for music and can relate to the up and coming artist of the world.

Onyx Alley Promotions

Onyx Alley  is here to bring the world all the undiscovered artist straight to the forefront. We want to showcase all the great music mainstream radio and TV overlook. We are here to support and promote great music. Period. Take a look around at the bands we have on showcase and all the other goodies on our website.  And as always tune in to our show on  Radio KSCR every Thursday at 10PM EST and Every Friday on THE OA RADIO at 8pm est!

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